Bookry makes creating great interactive widgets for books affordable for everyone.

Bookry is so easy to use that we think it’s the best companion for iBooks Author users available. We make great widgets, but we also try to offer a great service too. Our widgets are free to generate and use, in both free and commercial books. You can optionally pay to have your own custom branding on your widgets. Why not give us a try!

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Use with Bookry Branding
  • Commercial license
  • Bookry branded
  • No royalties
  • Email support
  • Analytics
No Bookry Branding
  • Commercial license
  • No Bookry branding
  • Your logo on each widget
  • No royalties
  • Email support
  • Analytics


(Unlimited number of any widgets in one book)

Expedited Widget Development


API Pack (contact us)
  • API access to Edmodo, Salesforce etc...
  • Access to Widget / Reader Cloud Data
Set-up fee plus Monthly subscription
Reader Reporting Services (contact us)
  • iBooks Store Review Collection Service
  • Advanced Analytics
Monthly subscription

Above prices in sterling do not include VAT.

Pricing FAQ

If I buy a license for a book, how many widgets can I use?

A book license allows you to use all Bookry widgets as many times as you like in that book – you can have a different widget on every single page, and the total is still $124.95.

How do I replace the Bookry logo with my own logo?

This is easy and it can be done either per widget, or per book. Please follow the steps outlined in this FAQ.

Can I use widgets in a book I’m selling?

Yes you can. You only need to pay if you wish to have the Bookry logo removed.

Do I have to pay for Bookry widgets?

Bookry widgets that show the Bookry logo are free. You only have to pay if you wish to have the logo changed or removed, and there is a one-off charge per book for this.

What is Expedited Widget Development?

Expedited Development is basically a 'pay for priority' fee, whereby we bring forward widgets that are on our existing development list so that they can be completed by a given deadline. The fee is entirely optional - these widgets will be released into the free library any event in due course.

How can I pay for Bookry?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, and we offer an account service for larger companies and organisations.