Bookry For Authors
Create fabulous multi-touch eBooks that your readers will love.

Making a book using iBooks Author is easy and Bookry integrates seamlessly with it to enable you to create truly professional, interactive books. We provide all the tools you need to get started and take your book to the next level. If you can't find exactly the layout you're looking for then take a look at our range of templates for great ways to get your book off the ground.

Add unique widgets to make your books engaging, fun and memorable.

Every author wants their book to be successful, unforgettable and to reach the widest audience. You can achieve all this with Bookry. While building your book you can add BookryWidgets to any page and make your content come alive. Widgets can enable even the greenest author to create a professional looking book, just like those you admire in the Apple iBooks Store. We have an impressive catalog of widgets, are freely available from our Widget Library. Using our widgets couldn't be easier; there's no need to write Dashcode, learn HTML5 or javascript! Simply use our online widget generator to customize your chosen widget and drag and drop it right onto the page in iBooks Author. Simple!

Has your mega book turned into megabytes? No problem.

With all those images, videos and widgets you may find that your megabook has turned into megabytes! However, with Bookry, you can use our video streaming widgets to cut out large video files from your book, but still allow your readers to view them from within your book.

Get to know your readers' behavior to create bigger, better books.

Wouldn't it be great if you knew just how popular your book was and which bits your readers liked best? Or if your latest work has flopped, wouldn't you like to know why? With BookryAnalytics you can view real-time statistics on your readers and their activities. Find out how many people have read your book, where they were from, which pages they skipped and which sections caught their imagination? You can use these powerful metrics to change and improve your book over time and to make sure that it contains the most relevant content for your readers. Above all, reader analytics are useful, informative and most of all, just cool.

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