Bookry is a complimentary service for iBooks Author that lets you add amazing widgets to your books and interact with readers.

Bookry is quick to join, easy to use and compliments iBooks Author perfectly to help you create multi-touch books that truly break boundaries. With Bookry, you can generate your own interactive widgets online and place them directly into your iBooks Author file to engage readers and connect with them.

BookryWidgets bring your books to life...

Unique BookryWidgets help authors to easily add interactive elements to their multi-touch books.

iBooks Author comes with 8 inbuilt interactive widgets .However with Bookry, it’s easy to add many, many more. There’s no need to program or install dashcode. You simply login to, choose a widget and then use our online widget generator to create your widget file. Simple! Examples of interactivity in books generated using iBooks Author and Bookry include:

  • Audio and video streaming
  • Quizzes and games
  • Document attachments
  • Social sharing
  • Functions and forms

Who should use Bookry?

Bookry authors could be individuals, institutions, or companies that wish to generate any content with iBooks Author. Examples include:
  • Students
  • Teachers, academics
  • Business professionals
  • Home users, first-time authors
  • Professional authors
  • Design/creative agencies
  • Publishers
  • Publishing agents

Types of books using on Bookry widgets include:

  • Educational materials
  • Children’s interactive books
  • Student portfolios
  • Business reports
  • Training materials
  • Interactive tourist guides
  • How-to guides
  • Marketing brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Works of fiction

What makes Bookry different?

It’s our mission to enable everyone and anyone, to create and share interactive multi-touch books.

In the Bookry environment, readers and authors exist side-by-side. We give authors the tools to create great interactive books, whilst at the same time encouraging readers to become first-time authors. Everyone has at least one book inside them, so they say and there are many reasons why we think Bookry different;

Bookry allows an interactive process to sharing:

  • Get feedback from analytics on what works in your books, and what needs improvement
  • Push instant updates to your books without having to re-upload the entire book.

Bookry has great interactive book content creation tools for authors:

  • Rich content widgets
  • Video streaming
  • Interactive widgets, with advanced server support

Bookry builds a network amongst readers and authors:

  • Providing reader-author interaction within books
  • Submission of content entered into books by the reader (e.g. multiple choice, polls, notes, recommendations, etc).
  • Sharing via existing social networking sites