Widget Library

Welcome to our growing library of downloadable interactive widgets for iBooks Author. Feel free to use as many as you like, as Bookry widgets are free for you to use even in your commercial projects! Simply generate your widget file online and then drag and drop directly into iBooks Author, in both landscape and portrait mode.

Guess The Word

A brilliant game for your book, the reader simply needs to guess the correct word from the clue and a group of jumbled up letters.

Before and After

Create stunning before and after comparisons with this simple but effective widget.

BMI Calculator

Work out your Body Mass Index with this nifty widget.


Bring almost any content from the Internet into your book. This is a great way to embed a full screen webpage into your book to include up to date, to the minute information.

Scientific Calculator

Are you writing a Maths book? Try out this in-book Scientific calculator.


Graph any kind of tabulated data with this widget that even supports formulas. A great way to teach anything from stopping distances to cooking times.


Create awesome checklists for your readers to complete with this handy widget.

Code Viewer

Show properly formatted code in your book.

Drag and Drop

Let your readers drag images around to make fun new ones.

Drag & Match

Match two images together to complete the puzzle.


Engage with your readers on a new level. Get feedback on sections of your book, or on the book as a whole. This widget is one way to find out exactly what readers think about your book.

Interactive Fireworks

Have some fun generating some stunning fireworks.

Flickr Gallery

Another simple but very effective widget. Use a search term to pull real-time photos from the hugely popular Flickr service straight into your book.

Form Builder

Make amazing forms, questionnaires and surveys with this flexible form building widget.

Google maps

Transport your readers to a specific place or show them where they need to go with this Google Maps widget. It's easy to setup and lets you to do everything from adding a simple map all the way up to a route you've created.

Image Explorer

Is the iPad screen not large enough for your fantastic image? Then this is the widget for you. Place large images in your book and let readers explore them in more detail.

Instagram Gallery

A picture says a thousands words and with this easy to use Instagram Gallery you can bring as many pictures into your book as you need!

iTunes Music

Embed iTunes into your book with the iTunes Music widget, allowing your readers to listen to samples and buy in iTunes, straight from within the book.


Upload a set of images, we'll jumble them up and then it's left for your readers to match them back together.


Put a special maze puzzle into your book - make it as easy or as hard as you want!


Challenge your readers to find the matching pairs of images from an overturned set.


Use our truly social notepad widget to help your readers to create notes on just about anything.

Office Document Viewer

Open Office documents right inside your book.

Open App

Launch an external iOS native App from your book - anything from Google Earth to the Calendar.

360 Panorama

Put readers right where you are with this truly amazing 360 Panorama widget. Take the photo with your iPad or iPhone and insert the link straight into your book for outstanding results.

PDF Document Viewer

Open PDF documents right inside your book.

In Book Photo

Take your book to the next level where your readers can take photographs right within the book.

Quiz Builder

If you like iBA's review widget but want real-time interaction and data reporting, then this is the perfect widget for you. Our Quiz widget is easy-to-use and fully customizable. View Quiz data in real-time in the widget itself (when in a room) or have it emailed to you in multiple formats. Online data access and direct API into your LMS will be available soon.

Reader Cloud

Encourage your readers to always login to their book with this Reader Cloud widget.


Keep your readers guessing by adding this fun game into your book! They can either guess what the image is using a peep hole, or by scratching away.

RSS News Reader

This is a great way to keep your book up to date without needing to republish it.


Embed live streaming videos from SchoolTube.

Share this

Let your readers share anything from PDF's, Images to technical documents with this handy widget.


Teach your readers how to draw, have them doodle or play about with this awesome sketch pad.

Slider Puzzle

Make a subject really stick in your readers mind with this simple sliding puzzle game. Perfect for kids but highly addictive for adults too!


Place a track, set of tracks or artists tracks right into your book so readers can take a listen.

Spot The Difference

The classic spot the difference game with loads of customization such as colors, images and even a timer!

Interactive Timeline

This really cool widget lets you create a timeline sequence of images, that when stitched together demonstrate change over time. Really easy to do but very effective.


Bring conversation, personality and opinion into your book by including a real-time feed from Twitter.


Embed live stremaing videos from Ustream.


Don't explode your books size with videos, use our Vimeo widget to stream your video clips instead.


Embed your own wordsearch with as many words as you like into your book.


Don't explode your books size with videos, use our YouTube widget to stream your video clips instead.

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