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Bookry is a free, complimentary service for iBooks Author that lets you create amazing widgets for your Multi-Touch books and interact with your readers like never before.

Simply create a free account then use our online generator to easily make App-quality widgets for your eBooks. You can also manage your widgets online, push updates out to widgets in published books, interact with readers and monitor their activity with analytics. Bookry is the perfect, all-round service for any Multi-Touch book author. Bookry for authors

It's so easy to add Bookry widgets to your iBooks Author projects...

1. Create

Choose a widget from the library and use the wizard to customize its settings.

2. Drag & drop

Download the widget file and drag and drop it directly into your open iBooks Author page.

3. Update!

You can update it as many times as you like as readers will always see the latest version in their book.

Free library of HTML5 widgets for iBooks Author

Our Widget Library features a wide range of fun and functional widgets for use with iBooks Author. Simply create a free account on and use our online generator to create your App quality widgets - there’s no need to learn code or download any new software! Our widgets are built in HTML5 and are server-based which means that you can make changes to them remotely and push updates out to widgets in published books. Our widgets are also fully customizable so that they will fit in perfectly with any genre of book.

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Login & Logout of widgets with Reader Cloud

The majority of Bookry widgets are Reader Cloud (RC) enabled, which means that readers can save any data that they enter into your book to the cloud. So, if your reader spends time answering a quiz or playing a game, but they want to finish it at a later date, they can simply save it to the cloud and load it another time. Any data saved in a book will always be accessible from their Reader Cloud account and can be loaded onto any iPad. Reader Cloud enabled widgets include Quiz, Share This, Notepad, Form Builder, Maze, Sketchpad and Checklist.

Let readers save what they do in your books with Bookry

Connect your books with Twitter & Facebook

Many widgets are Reader Cloud enabled lets readers share data they’ve entered into that widget. Current sharing options include email, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote, but we will be adding more soon. Bookry is the only widget provider that lets you connect your books with social sites like these. For example, you can use our Share This widget to encourage readers to share bits of your book with others in their network. Readers can also email themselves a drawing they’ve done with Sketchpad or tweet a picture of a Maze they’ve solved. Enabling sharing is optional and is controlled by you in the online generator.

Access your readers' social networks with our widgets

Gamification of eBooks? We’ve a winning strategy!

Using our HTML 5 widgets you can engage your readers on every level to reinforce learning, encourage completion of your book and multiple reads. Include ‘sticky’ puzzles like Quiz, Maze and Slider, add Checklists to the end of each chapter, or easily create App quality games such as Drag and Drop and Match Game. Readers can Tweet and Facebook from inside your widgets for viral interaction and soon to be released is our Badges widget that enables readers to earn rewards by completing multiple tasks in a book or across a series of books.

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Learn more about your Readers with Analytics

Wouldn't it be great if you knew more about your readers? With Bookry you can view near real-time analytics on reader activity. Find out how many times they read your book, which widgets they liked and which ones they didn't, and how long they spent on your book. Then use these metrics to change and improve your book to ensure it contains the most relevant content for your readers.

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Additional iBA services for publishers

Bookry isn’t just about widgets. Behind the fun and games is a serious platform for publishers using iBooks Author. If you’ve got a back catalog of books you want to convert into Multi-Touch iBooks Author titles, then contact us for more details on our automated InDesign conversion service. We also offer a volume widget creation service and can provide specific consultancy on digital widget generation.

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Bookry in Education

Education is key to Bookry and we aim to support educators as much as we can by providing free, scalable, easy to use tools for digital textbook publishing. Many of our widgets, such as Quiz Builder, Calculator, Notepad, Form Builder and Checklist are perfect for Multi-Touch textbooks and when used in conjunction with Reader Cloud and Rooms, educators can interact with their students from right inside the books themselves. Students love creating their own widgets with Bookry too and it’s the perfect way to get them involved in a blend of writing, comprehension and digital book creation.

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Perfect for collaborative book authoring

Sharing Multi-Touch books created using iBooks Author can be difficult due to their large file size. So that’s why we let users create their own BookStore on to upload and share free books with others. For example as a business you may wish to build up a private BookStore for your colleagues only. Or, as an educator of textbooks you may wish to create an open BookStore for your school. Simply upload your .iba files to Bookry and place them in your BookStore. Then share the link to your book for others to download. It's that easy!

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